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ARCA and Support Act

ARCA and Support Act

We have recently come to an arrangement with Support Act who have offered us their expertise in social and welfare issues and contacts, and have set up a ROADIE fund ONLY for crew. This is a fantastic collaboration for the future of ARCA and the industry.

We retain our autonomy and ARCA will still fundraise to help.

Support Act has established a dedicated fund for road crew together with the Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA). Any donations made to this fund will be used solely to assist road crew through Support Act's crisis service.

If you wish to donate to the Roadies Fund, please write ROADIE in this field.

The link is live and tax deductible receipts will be automatically issued to anyone who makes a donation. The fund is live and working now.

This is a big step on the road to recognising the contribution made by crew... past, present and future.

Sebastian Chase has accepted a position on Support Act board to represent ARCA and its members. Joanna Cave from Support Act will be accepted onto our board.

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AC/DC ARCA Tribute

AC/DC ARCA Tribute

AC/DC showed their support for ARCA during their recent Oz tour, signing a special tribute to the ARCA fallen. A great achievement for ARCA and all crew. Recognition!!!


Thanx Howard Freeman for your efforts in achieving this.


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Billy Thorpe

Billy Thorpe

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davidharding wouldn't read about it but here it is...
Wednesday, 04 November 2015 02:20
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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream




Edgar Froese from Tangerine Dream donated a cello from the recent Australian tour to help raise money and wanted to do a gig for ARCA when they returned to Oz. Unfortunately Edgar died on 24th Jan, 2015. Very sad. Adrian Anderson did their tour in 70's and Ian Peel did their lights in Europe and Australia in 82. Below is Edgar signing the cello. His wishes were to raise money to help ARCA and all crew. Lets all keep Edgar’s legacy alive and support it.


As ARCA P/L (a registered not-for-profit organisation) we would like to fundraise. If we can raise some money we can help crew and donate some of the funds back to the organisations and foundations that assist with the medical conditions associated with problems crew are suffering from…eg…heart attack, liver and pancreatic cancer, depression, stroke etc and their families.

We have an enormous amount of memorabilia and live gigs recordings from the roots of the Australian music industry and we wish to make available to all to raise funds to help.

Many years ago Billy Thorpe wanted to do a gig and try and raise $1m to go into a trust fund for crew.



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What a great initiative for all aussie bands...
Thursday, 15 October 2015 05:40
How much?
Thursday, 15 October 2015 10:09
Bill Bell
Yeh I recall lighting Tangerine Dream at Dallas Brooks Hall mid 70 's with Browneye. 8 x Pollux 5 k with double 20 dark blue at... Read More
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 04:25
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Welcome to the new Australian Road Crew Association website

Thank you for visiting the Australian Road Crew Association website.

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