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2019 ARCA update...woo hoo

Annual News Letter:

We at ARCA hope all you magnificent bastards and bastardettes had a great Xmas and New Year. A bit overdue but here is an update.

Welcome 2019

2018 was one hell of a year for ARCA, and there has been much division and fractured relationships because of it. Roadies dont do that to Roadies.

Let’s all hope that this culture does not continue. Totally unnececesary. It is non conducive to the betterment of our collective aim, to help our mates. 

If it wasnt for ARCA the SA "Roadies" fund would not exist. If it wasnt for ARCA a lot of help would not have got out there to those that need it. If it wasnt for ARCA the awareness would not be happening. Lots of rungs on the board for the right reasons. If someone wants to help by contributing their ideas and time for the benefit and help of others, let them and give them support. Anyone receiving help would be grateful that people take their time to do it.

All hail crew !!!

On a sombre note we lost members this year;-

Jimi Bostock

Bill Dart

Chris Deutscher

Tony Ellison

Rick Kidner

Shane Letch

Lee Marsh

Simon Moran

Mark O'Donnell

Richard Pacholski

Warren Peryman

Kevin Richards

Peter Smith

Beau Southey

Jon Summerhayes

Don Tittmarsh

Fred van den Brouke

Derek Watkins

Barbara Williams 

Always remembered. Raise your glass for them...Has anyone made a phone call today ????????

thumbnail Roadie Rock Show v3

Read above. A gig to raise money for ARCA. If your in Qld drop in. A great cause and a good night. Thanx to those who put it together. Apparently Stuart Coupe will be attending. Onya Stuart. 

ARCA is and always will be the collective of crew, the collective backbone of the Aussie music industry. The addition to ARCAs list of sponsors and benefactors to assist ARCA and  Support Act (SA), with Clive Miller as the new SA CEO, is nothing short of a miracle of hard work to gain social and welfare support for our members.

There are behind the scenes goings on for Support Act which has been conducted by those that left ARCA. ARCA has not been asked to attend, support or requested to let its members know re Roady4roadies, which was originally a New Zealand initiative to help crew over the ditch. Over $20k was raised in NZ. ARCA supports this Aussie intiative and will help it if asked and we urge all to take part. Any sponsor or organisation who endeavours to raise donations to support crew via the SA "Roadies" fund is welcome. Even if they are not run by "Roadies". Its all a good cause. 

The "Roadies " fund is a great collaberation between SA and ARCA. "A Whole Lotta Love" going out to help crew that need it. ARCA continues to visit people in hospital and communicate in many other ways. Quite often its private and members wishes are respected for privacy. The look on faces when you walk into hospital tells a thousand stories. They are not alone. This is about more than raising money, although that is useful to assist help. Has anyone called in on someone??? ARCA has managed to put in so far over $15k into the fund.

Big thanx to Stuart Coupe for all his efforts getting a bunch of good roadie stories in a book called "Roadies". Stuart’s book is a wonderful piece of history of the Aussie music industry with some great stories from crew’s perspectives. A tribute and sign of great respect for what crew have contributed to the Aussie music industry, and who have helped pioneer the growth of. Incredible effort. The 2 book launches raised over $10k for the SA Roadies fund. Thanx Stuart....

Paul Hawkes is making a fantastic effort in organising the next reunion which will be in Adelaide next year, spreading it around the country. Awesome! Anyone that can help Paul let him know.

A big shout out of thanks goes to Tim Bradsmith for organising the Perth reunion this year, great effort and even made Gruzzle feel his age...

Oh and here is a ARCA CBA bank statement thing that was requested...
Opening balance - Total debits + Total credits = Closing balance

$15,027.19  $          79.72             Nil                 $14,947.47 CR

All sponsors financial support for the Desk Tape Series is safe and is ongoing with their full support. ARCA has raised over $1500 for the Roadies fund from the first release, Redgum Live in Amsterdam. Thanks to John Schumann and Redgum for their support. Fantastic effort. Dave Harding  is onto the series and any help would be appreciated. Its a great idea with a positive outcome. 

We crew are very grateful for the support from so many. Awareness and support is crucial to give crew the recognition that they deserve and some self worth and dignity.

Best regards from all of us at ARCA and thanx goes to all sponsors and all those that have put their hands up to help.

Heres to 2019. Dont be afraid to put your hand up.

“Looking after our OWN with FEELING and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE”



Our Vision is to bring together the Collective Backbone of the Australian Music Industry, Past, Present and Future Australian Road Crew, and ensure the health and wellbeing of its members


Our Mission is to promote, facilitate and encourage social interaction and wellbeing of its members and associates past, present and future We do this by:-

 Encouraging past, present and future Australian Road crew to join our membership as a collective

 Facilitating social media forums whereby ARCA’s members can openly communicate

 Facilitate social gatherings in each state, whereby past, present and future members can get together

 Facilitate and distribute regular emails, newsletters, social media posts to inform our members of upcoming events, “those in need”, education and mentoring opportunities, fundraising opportunities and the like

 To encourage and promote interaction and contact between our members especially for:- welfare checks, mentoring, mateship, friendship ongoing support, share our stories, knowledge and experience.

 To facilitate and encourage fundraising opportunities so as we can continue to support “those in need” within our Australian Road Crew Community: - through the Roadies Fund via Support Act through ARCA Direct

 To promote ARCA to the wider community and public to enhance more awareness of ARCA and crew

 To facilitate and promote education, awareness and mentorship for those present and future particularly focusing on Health and Welfare.

 To promote acknowledgement, respect and recognition of those past, present and future of Australian Road crew

 To ensure the legacy of ARCA continues to serve its members and the Australian Road Crew as the Collective Backbone of the Australian Music Industry.

It has been said that everlasting friends go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship.

These friends pick up the phone like they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live and they don’t hold grudges.

They understand that life is busy and you will always love them…

We are roadies.
TISM 1988 Live Tape To Drop April 10
Incredible book of truth release

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Phil Dunesky on Wednesday, 16 October 2019 08:05

Onward! Luvs you'se all!

Onward! Luvs you'se all!