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Reunion Wrap-Up

Reunion Wrap-Up
What a day!!! Sunday 22nd April saw 127 members attending the ARCA 2018 Melbourne Reunion at St Kilda Sports Club, all with big smiles on their faces for there was much to smile about…

After the obligatory photo shoot, crew and associates mingled, catching up with old friends and making new acquaintances, with the occasional stroll to the bar. Topolino’s provided their tasty pizzas as sustenance for those who could not wait for dinner.

Once official photographer Greg Noakes had managed to assemble everyone for the group photo (no easy feat!), those present filed in to the club rooms, to be greeted at the door by MC for the afternoon, Brian Nankervis.

brian nicky campbellBrian kicked off proceedings as Rockwiz’s quizmaster with ARCA’s own version of “Who Can It Be Now”, having the audience name the song and artist while Bill McCormick played snippets of songs.

Birthday boy Nicky Campbell was ‘volunteered’ by Brian to keep score.

Ally Dosser was the clear individual champion, but a hotly disputed result saw the men's team gaining bonus points (somewhat unfairly some would say) thanks to Jimmy Murrie's winning Peter Garrett dance!

jimmy murrieIt was then time for the speeches as there was a great deal to tell… ARCA has been undergoing some significant changes and it was left to Ross Fergusson to explain what has been occurring. Fergy began by expressing his passion for the welfare of crew (past, present and future), emphasising the highly technical skills they possess and the groundbreaking Australian crew who are so well respected on worldwide tours.

He thanked Ian Peel and Adrian Anderson, acknowledging their incredible work over the last 6 years as co-founders of ARCA, and went on to explain that others have also been closely involved in helping ARCA over the journey, citing Paul O'Gorman, Sebastian Chase, Howard Freeman, Tony Moran, Prof. Phil Graham and Joanna Cave as some of the many who have given their time.

It was at this point Fergy introduced Robyn Good, David Harding, Irene Enery, Tony and Sharyn Moran, along with himself, as ARCA’s new Steering Committee. Ian and Adrian were brought onstage as the ARCA directors and will work with the committee on ARCA’s future direction.

Fergy advised that a "think tank" will be made available for members to put forward ideas and ask questions to the ARCA steering committee. He noted that the survey had told us what members wanted of ARCA and that now we are creating portfolios for the steering committee to coordinate everything required.

More information on the survey results and the portfolios will be shared with all members in the near future, along with the names of additional volunteers including state reps. Fergy’s speech was received with much enthusiasm and applause.

gaffasIrene Enery’s lighthearted presentation of the Golden GAFA's came next. The awards, provided by Andrew Snow, were in recognition of service to crew, to those who "Give A Fuck".

They were awarded to Jef Risk, Ashley Swinfield, Billy McCartney, Nikki Koumos, Kath Millar, Nicky Campbell and Allan “Puckoon” Anderson.

Irene explained ARCA’s intention for formal awards to be created for future special events, with the Golden GAFA's voted on by the entire membership base in recognition and respect of fellow crew.

ARCA director Ian "Piggy" Peel then got up and thanked everyone, reasserting Fergy's speech. Piggy's speech was a moving and heartfelt contribution to proceedings, about why ARCA had come about and it's reason for being… ”looking after our own".

He respectfully read out the names of those lost since the last reunion and then led us to a minutes silence.

mae parkerNext up the music was introduced with Allan Caswell and Phil Manning playing Allan's tribute song to crew "The Boys In Black" (with all proceeds from his single donated to ARCA).

Mae Parker and band David Bray, Ian Holding, John Arthur Grant and Mark Kennedy then performed "The Load Out" with Piggy and Brian providing superb falsetto backing vocals.
Finally Piggy announced the winners of the donated door prizes, thanking all those who had come.

The evening then slowly dissolved into deep friendships, drifting off into groups of mates. The way it always has been... and the way it always will.

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 ARCA wishes to thank the following for their amazing contributions!
Gaynor Anderson
James Anfuso
David Bray
Allan Caswell
Michael Chugg
Ally Dosser
Peter Evans
John Arthur Grant
Michael Gudinski
Geoff Howard
Mark Kennedy
Neil King
Love Police ATM
Andrew Majewski
Phil Manning
Bill McCormick
Peter McCrindle
Kath Miller
Brian Nankervis
Greg Noakes
Tom Orchard
Mae Parker
Anne Phillips
Pride Events
Andrew Snow
St Kilda Sports Club
Denise Turra
Graeme Webber
Michael Wickow
Peter Wilson
Zap Lightin
Incredible book of truth release
Perth 2018 Reunion


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