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ARCA and Pollstar

ARCA and Pollstar


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Road Crew Association Fundraising To Stop Suicides

By Christie Eliezer

Posted Monday, January 25, 2016 at 2:30 am
The Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA) is negotiating for a series of fund
raising initiatives to help stem the high rate of suicide among road crew members.

ARCA - Australian Road Crew Association

Founder Ian Peel told Pollstar, “Roadies are the backbone of the live music
scene anywhere. But it’s a lonely, physically enduring life, with low and
sporadic pay, and with few able to make provisions for retirement, injuries or

Peel founded ARCA in 2012 as a support network based on anecdotal evidence that
of 125 road crew members who died prematurely in recent years, 26 committed
suicide. A survey released 2015 by Entertainment Assist found that roadies were
the most susceptible of all entertainment workers to take their lives, nine
times more likely of the Australian community.

ARCA has partnered with music industry charity Support Act Ltd to absorb the
cost of running a Roadies Fund, targeting the music industry and the public.

Peel told Pollstar that major Australian acts are committed to staging benefit
concerts or donating proceeds of tours.

Country singer-songwriter Allan Caswell specially wrote the song “Boys In Black” and will donate its royalties.

On its December tour, AC/DC signed Roadies Roll of Honour posters, listing those
who’d died, for the association to sell.

Musicians have offered private tapes of their live shows to sell as CDs, while Bluesfest, the A Day On The Green winery shows and the pro-audio Entech trade shows will set up dedicated ARCA tents for raising of funds and awareness.



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Rock'n'Roll roadies.....

Rock'n'Roll roadies.....

Rock 'n' roll roadies finally on centre stage

Australia's old rock 'n' roll roadies are killing themselves at an alarming rate. A new initiative aims to change that...

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Howard still cruising

Howard still cruising

Howard Freeman, 66......he still loves it...

This is worth watching....A Legend...a new hair style

Click here...

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ARCA @ Entech

ARCA @ Entech

The Australian Road Crew Association has been invited as an exhibitor at this years' ENTECH Roadshow..

ARCA has been assign a space at each event, featuring posters and our banner, with a gathering spot on the floor.

This is agreat opportunity to catch up with people and tell our story. 


Touring each Summer, the tech community gathers for seminars, professional development, and a tradeshow with over 30 leading suppliers showing all that is new. It’s the ultimate networking event, complete with free HAPPY HOUR, serving boutique beers and fine wines.


We would like to extend an invitation to all members to join us in each capital city. Please visit the Entech webisite to register for the event.

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ARCA and Support Act

ARCA and Support Act

We have recently come to an arrangement with Support Act who have offered us their expertise in social and welfare issues and contacts, and have set up a ROADIE fund ONLY for crew. This is a fantastic collaboration for the future of ARCA and the industry.

We retain our autonomy and ARCA will still fundraise to help.

Support Act has established a dedicated fund for road crew together with the Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA). Any donations made to this fund will be used solely to assist road crew through Support Act's crisis service.

If you wish to donate to the Roadies Fund, please write ROADIE in this field.

The link is live and tax deductible receipts will be automatically issued to anyone who makes a donation. The fund is live and working now.

This is a big step on the road to recognising the contribution made by crew... past, present and future.

Sebastian Chase has accepted a position on Support Act board to represent ARCA and its members. Joanna Cave from Support Act will be accepted onto our board.

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