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ARCA and Support Act come together to help more roadies in crisis

The Australian Road Crew Association and Support Act have announced the creation of a new facility offering donors the opportunity to give money to a fund which will be used to assist roadies in crisis.

Professional road crew perform an essential role in the music industry and yet it can be a challenging existence for many: pay rates are often low, income is sporadic and very few roadies have provision for ill health or retirement. Doing a physically demanding job, often late at night and away from home for long periods can take a heavy toll. Illness and injury are common and suicide rates are high.

Support Act is a charity, unique in Australia, providing relief services for music professionals (including roadies) in crisis. The Australian Road Crew Association brings together the road crew community to provide a network of contact and support for roadies.

ARCA wants to ensure that roadies in crisis receive help but is not in a position to set up its own service and lacks the tax deductible status that can encourage people to make a charitable donation.

The arrangement between the two organisations means that Support Act will deliver its service in the usual way, enabling ARCA to benefit from its existing infrastructure and so achieve its aim of creating a professional crisis relief service for roadies without having to incur any of the associated costs.

Anyone donating $2 or more to the Support Act “Roadies” fund will receive a tax deductible receipt issued by Support Act.

ARCA’s Director Ian Peel said “The Australian Road Crew Association wishes to supply a continuing health and welfare service to its members and crew that need help. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we have recently come together with Support Act which will help to consolidate assistance now, and into the future, for crew. This is a fantastic collaboration for the future of ARCA and the industry.”

Support Act’s Chief Executive, Joanna Cave said “We understand the unique pressures experienced by road crew and we are committed to helping roadies in crisis. We are delighted to help ARCA encourage donations from people wishing to help roadies so that they benefit from a tax deduction. The community is increasingly expecting charities and non profit organisations to work together to reduce overheads and work smarter. In the end, it is better for service users and makes better use of donors’ funds”

Clive Miller has now taken over from Joanna Cave as CEO and is a great supporter of ARCA and all crew.

Anyone wishing to donate to the roadies’ fund may do so online at and by writing “ROADIE” in the donation field.

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