Note from founders:

“ARCA and The Desk Tape Series is a small way we can help our mates get some self-worth and recognition for their contribution to the Aussie music industry and help if they are in crisis.

It is a great honor for us to be able to present these memories to all.”

All Hail Roadies and Crew

“Looking after OUR OWN with FEELING and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE”

Ian Peel and Adrian Anderson
ARCA Co-founders and Directors.

ARCA would like to thank all the following people for their support of ARCA’s Desk Tape Series, and for being able to utilise their incredible expertise. Big thanks go to “Nightowl” for the inspiration to put this series of desk tapes together.

The support for the desk tapes has been unwavering from the industry and the public worldwide. There has never been any hesitation from many musicians, bands, roadies, and crew to support the live desk tape series, giving so many people a great insight into the live roots of the Aussie music industry.

The ARCA Desk Tape series presents an amazing catalogue of live Aussie music. Snippets of history.

This series is perpetuating a residual income to help roadies and crew in crisis. Please support us as it is a simple way to thank those professionals that have perfected their craft to be able to give you all live musical enjoyment.

Adrian “Sunshine” Anderson
for having the memory of an elephant and for working with and keeping in contact with the crew, musicians, and people that built the Australian live music industry that has helped us with the desk tapes.

Phil “Drac” Dracoulis
for the mastering of the live desk tapes and having the patience and the hearing to facilitate and present incredible sound to the world.

Christie Eliezer
for doing all the live interviews so we can present a great history of the bands and shows through his press releases and liner notes. Simply brilliant.

Sebastian Chase
for listening to the idea of the desk tapes and helping us execute it, and all at MGM Distribution (Mark Bolton and Beth Deady).

Paul O’Gorman
for supplying his legal expertise, advice, and direction, and for keeping us roadies honest.

Greg  Noakes
for some of the most brilliant photography.

big thanks to Aleida for all the designs for the cover artwork for the Desk Tape Series and Neil for helping us and being a sponsor.

Mark Woods
for digital transfer of cassettes, mastering, and being a great sound engineer.

Ernie Rose
for transfers of DAT tapes, baking and transfers of cassettes and reel to reels, and mastering.

Roderick van Gelder
for the digital transfer of many cassettes.

Support Act
for getting help to many of our mates that are doing it hard.

Particular thanks goes to all the front-of-house engineers who gave us the opportunity to present their recordings to the world, which showcases their ability and how good the Aussie crew are.

And without a doubt, huge thanks to all the bands and musicians who gave this project their blessing. Without their support, we would not have got this far.

We have made a bit of history that cannot be undone.

ARCA would like to thank the following sponsors of The ARCA Desk Tape Series. You guys are legends: