Who We Are

The Australian Road Crew Association Pty Ltd (ARCA) is a non-profit proprietary company dedicated to helping ROADIES.

Roadies are the collective backbone of the Australian music industry. Roadies have technical ability that is unique and wide ranging. There is not a musician or band that would have become successful without crew.

The ARCA Constitution only allows the company to pursue charitable purposes by acting as trustee of one or more charitable trusts. It prohibits the distribution of the company’s income or property to its shareholders and prohibits paying any fees whatsoever to its directors.


What We Do

The primary aim of ARCA is to facilitate and encourage social interaction between members on a continual basis. This will be achieved through social events and the ARCA website. Please register on the website even if you do not become a member.

The secondary aim of ARCA is to raise funds to help its members and crew.

We have recently come to an arrangement with Support Act who have offered their expertise in social and welfare issues and contacts, and have set up a ROADIE fund ONLY for crew. This is a fantastic collaboration for the future of ARCA and the industry.

We retain our autonomy and will still fundraise to help.

Support Act has established a dedicated fund for road crew together with the Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA). Any donations made to this fund will be used solely to assist road crew through Support Act’s crisis service.

If you wish to contribute to the Roadies Fund, please check the “roadies” field when making your donation.

To donate visit http://supportact.org.au/donate. Anyone donating $2 or more to the Roadies’ Fund will receive a tax-deductible receipt issued by Support Act.

Please note that a donation to the Roadies’ Fund is not payment of membership fees for ARCA.

This is a big step on the road to recognising the contribution made by crew, past, present, and in the future.

A Brief History – The Road Travelled

The first pre 1982 crew reunion took place on November 25th 2012 at the St Kilda Bowls Club, Melbourne. It was a very warm and special event. The reaction was bigger and more emotional than any of the organisers or participants could have anticipated and the Australian Road Crew Collective was born.

The second pre 1992 crew reunion and official ARCA launch was on 21 July 2013, at The Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney.

After the Melbourne reunion the practical, legal, accounting and perceptual issues of actually setting up this ‘social club’ and its benevolent fund were confronted and carefully worked through. After consulting with the legal and accounting fraternity it was decided to set up the collective as The Australian Road Crew Association Pty Ltd.

Many generous people and industry moguls have offered their moral and financial support as sponsors and many members have expressed a desire to use these reunions as a catalyst for the formation of some type of ongoing ‘collective’, a social club and benevolent fund, exclusively for the Australian Roadies.

The music industry in Australia has also indicated their support of the association.

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Moving Forward – The Road Ahead

We want ARCA to survive all of us, to be able to serve the social and wherever possible financial needs of future members and to benefit the health of, and encourage communication between roadies. That is the Australian Road Crew Association’s ‘reason to exist’ to help mates and be proud to be a “Roadie”.

Being a “Roadie” is being a part of a unique community, the backbone of the Australian music business, and we must not lose each other or the memories. It is important to remember where we all started and that we can help others in the future.

We, as a collective of ARCA, have an enormous amount of experience and talents we can offer to help others with. It’s time to use them. The future is up to all of us. Especially those that are able and interested in building upon the spirit and camaraderie that was obvious to all that attended both reunions and will carry us forward. Find the missing.

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