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Being a “Roadie” is being a part of a unique community, the backbone of the Australian music business, and we must not lose each other or the memories. It is important to remember where we all started and that we can help others in the future.


It will help us reach all who need assistance and help spread the word and a great story.
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Membership Requirements

Full Membership $50.00 – payable every 2 years.

To qualify for FULL membership of The Australian Road Crew Association you need to have worked for 5 years pushing black boxes around as part of a live production crew in any state, interstate or international situation. The fees are due on a bi-annual basis, so the next fees will be due on 30th June, 2016 or pro-rata until then.

Associate Membership $50.00 – payable every 2 years

The roadie community has many vital partners in its life on the road including musicians, promoters, agents, artist managers, venue technical staff, drivers, runners, loaders. We welcome all to show your interest and support by applying for Associate Membership. The fees are due on a bi-annual basis, so the next fees will be due on 30th June, 2016 or pro rata until then.

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Membership Fees

CBA :           Australian Road Crew Association
BSB :           063119
Acc No:        10447248

NB: Please note your name on your deposit. 

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We are looking for sponsors who wish to help this cause. You will have the ability to reach a huge proportion of the Australian music industry via advertising on the website. You will also be supporting ARCA and many others.

Sponsors are able to link everyone to them and post-gig guides, tours, and find people. All of the many sponsors, production staff, production companies and stage, sound and lighting crews, promoters, venues and staff, will have access to you.

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