The Road Travelled

June 2012

Ian ‘Piggy’ Peel decides it would be a great idea to have a reunion of old roadie mates that for most of them, was the beginning of their working life.

After easily convincing Irene Enery and Peter Mc Crindle to share his vision a post was put up on various internet sites…Piggy rang Risky and we had a Facebook page….unbelievable !

“OK, Now we are serious
… Wanted Alive (preferably)

All road, rigging, lighting and sound crew pre 1982 that were involved with act, CLS, Nova, Jands or just crewing doing O/S and Aussie bands around Australia and NZ.

If you are alive and/or know where someone is, get involved.

There is a reunion. Look out! 25th November at St Kilda bowls club starting at 3pm.

The rock and roll scene happened way before 1982 in case anyone is interested…

John Abbott may apply…”

The response was immediate and overwhelming

So they ‘hit the phones’ and called people together for a series of planning sessions. These meetings involved many incredibly generous people, some of whom offered their support and expressed a desire to use this reunion as a catalyst for the formation of some type of ongoing ‘Collective’, a social club and benevolent fund exclusively for the Australian “Roadies”, to quote a term of endearment.

Early on it was discovered that quite a few had passed, (72 known of and a quarter of these by their own hand and mostly lighting guys) so it was time to remember. As someone said “I am sick of catching up with mates at funerals”. It became a living wake to share a bit of history and honour all those that can’t catch up and to catch up with those still here. We may never see each other again.

Piggy decided it was important to provide a book of contacts to bring a few smiles and let old colleagues catch up and chat, or just send a message. He did not want to see any more of his mates leave us because they feel unloved or alone.

The relationships from our past needed to be renewed. We all helped mold us to be who we are. Lifelong connection…

The Pre 1982 Reunion

The very first reunion took place on November 25th 2012 at the St Kilda Bowls Club

It was a very warm and special event. The reaction was much bigger and more emotional than any of the organisers could have anticipated.
Simply amazing – unconditional respect, and a love for each other that has never been lost. Like they saw each other yesterday.

The warmth and love on most faces at meeting old friends, colleagues and foes, all together – was awesome – to quote a vernacular
A very humbling experience to say the least, to see so many come and share the day, and so many from all over the world. All in the one place at the same time. Extraordinary. Many laughs and many tears.

It was an historic event in the realms of the Australian music industry. This crew helped put it together. The whole music industry in Australia has now sat up and taken note. We have achieved the respect we all earned so many years ago. Even if it’s only to each other.

It was evident that we all missed those times, but most of all we missed each other. The relationships, camaraderie and bonds forged then were as strong on the day, as it ever was.

The memories of overnighters, the stairs, the “doubles”, the worksheets, the punters, the “Triples! the trucks, the dodgy hotels, the GREAT gigs, the morons, the True fans, the duty managers! the hire cars, airports, weird and wild promoters,…. all that stuff… and more…… great times.

We were, and still are, mates, and very uniquely associated. “All for one, one for all”.

The Australian Road Crew Collective – was born.

That was the easy part! The real work began from that day.

After the launch/reunion the practical, legal, accounting and perceptual issues of actually setting up this ‘social club’ and its benevolent fund were confronted and carefully worked through.

The committee had discussions with the legal and accounting fraternity and it was decided to set up the collective as –

The Australian Road Crew Association Pty Ltd.
“The Collective Backbone of the Australian music industry”