The Road Ahead

The primary aim of A.R.C.A. is to facilitate and encourage social intercourse between members on a continual basis. This will be achieved through social events and the A.R.C.A. website.

The secondary aim of A.R.C.A. is to help raise funds to assist crew in crisis.

We have recently come to an arrangement with Support Act who have offered their expertise in social and welfare issues and contacts, and have set up a bank account ONLY for crew. This is a fantastic collaboration for the future of ARCA and the industry.

We retain our autonomy and will still fundraise to help.

Support Act has established a dedicated fund for road crew together with the Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA). Any donations made to this fund will be used solely to assist road crew through Support Act’s crisis service.

If you wish to donate to the Roadies Fund, please write ROADIE in this field.

The link is live tax deductible receipts will be automatically issued to anyone who makes a donation. The fund is live and working now.

This is a big step on the road to recognising the contribution made by crew. Past, present and future. A.R.C.A. has been specifically established for the long term. Our intent is to provide assistance in accessing health, education and welfare from the various relevant organisations. This will take time. Patience please.

The future is up to all of us. Especially those that are able and interested in building upon the spirit and camaraderie that was obvious to all that attended in Melbourne on 25th November, 2012, and will carry us forward.

Being a “Roadie” is being a part of a unique community, the backbone of the Australian music business and we must not let each other and the memories – just slip away. It is important to remember where we all started.

We have all left a legacy and set the bar high for others as professionals in the music industry. Something to be proud of.

It is essential to remember that many artists, promoters and venues etc etc, would have struggled without the undying support and assistance by crews, whether it be at a benefit for others or on the road.

“Encores were recognition that the “job” was “done properly”. “

We never did it for the money. There was none.

We did it because we loved it and could use our individual creativity to make the acts look and sound the best we could, sometimes under extreme conditions.

It is also important to be there if someone is in need. We, as a collective or the ARCA, have an enormous amount of experience and talents we can offer to help others with. It’s time to use them.

“It has been said that “everlasting friends” go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship. These friends pick up the phone like they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live and they don’t hold grudges. They understand that life is busy and you will always love them”

We are “Roadies”

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